That streaming platforms have been one of the few ‘winning’ businesses in the 2020 situation is palpable, as well as that their number of subscribers has increased by more than 50% among all platforms, with Netflix already fully consolidated. already exceeding 200 million global users.

And, with the restrictions due to the pandemic, A Quiet Place Part II full movie the large Hollywood studios bet on launching some of their most relevant titles through alternative channels such as direct to the consumer, to maintain the release schedule and due to the impossibility of debuting on the big screens, but also They were a source to position brands within the SVOD market.

Faced with this movement, the cinema chains viewed these decisions with suspicion, as the most famous case of the premiere of Trolls World Tour by Universal Pictures by PVOD that caused a controversy with the North American AMC. Ultimately, the Hollywood film label then struck deals with several theater chains to release a movie on premium VOD 17 days after it was released on the big screen.

Of course, the studios are not 100% owners of a film that has several participants and a legal and legal obligation to maximize the income from that property. In this sense, the producer and exhibitor are interested because the theatrical income is not the same as the transactional income, since a family group only for tickets spends seven times more than the transactional one, to which it would be necessary to add consumption of beverages, meals and merchandising, a business around this experience.

In this regard, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar referred to the media conglomerate’s controversial move to release the full list of Warner Bros. movies for 2021 on HBO Max, on the same day and date as in theaters. “Theatrical releases remain a key part of the studio’s strategy,” he said, but also acknowledged that the window industry’s focus has changed permanently.

Among other examples, the film La Liga De La Justicia De Zack Snyder is also released for a limited time for all fans around the world, including Mexico and Latin America, who will be able to rent the complete and original film from HBO Max, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC, through digital stores as platforms of various pay TV operators from March 18 to April 7.

“I think we’re still in experimentation mode” in the theatrical / live streaming movie release windows, Kilar said at the 2021 Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference.

Among the latest WarnerBros premiere title releases on HBO Max, Tom & Jerry animation was consumed in 1.2 million households, according to Samba TV. Viewership peaked on February 27 with 550,000 households after 408,000 viewed the day the film was added to the HBO Max library. At the same time, the comedy grossed about $ 13.7 million in theaters at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo.

For its part, Denzel Washington’s film The Little Things drew 1.4 million households on its first weekend in late January. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman 1984, perhaps HBO Max’s most notable debut, drew 2.2 million households for its opening weekend.

The WarnerMedia executive noted that the company made the decision to open both the big and small screen hybrid in large part because of the pandemic. After the restrictions were lifted, he rhetorically asked: “Is cinema going to see a resurgence? Surely when this happens, we will be there to serve them ”, he clarified.