Godzilla vs Kong 5 titans that the King of the Monsters already defeated


Yes, the battle that awaits us in Godzilla vs Kong will be quite an event.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League rage was able to put a Godzilla vs Kong momentary halt in anticipation to see these two monsters in action. However, it is a fact that the encounter between these two colossi is called to steal all eyes.

The opinion of the audience, and especially that of the fans, is polarized with respect to the winner. Although there are investigations that seek to offer more solid arguments than a simple sympathy for the Japanese kaiju or the King of the Apes, Hollywood will have the last word regarding the winner of this contest that so far remains with a reserved prognosis.

Before the outcome that we will finally see on March 24 when Godzilla vs Kong premieres, we want to review 5 colossal threats that Godzilla has already defeated previously, a factor that Team Kong followers will have to take into account.

Probably the most powerful monster Godzilla has ever faced and the one who could well be considered his greatest rival.

Don’t let his absence of upper limbs fool you, King Ghidora is in constant danger with his three heads. For decades he has made the King of the Monsters see his luck on different occasions, who has even had to call for reinforcements to face him.

Although two years ago we saw this winged dragon in all its splendor in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, one of the most epic confrontations between the two occurred in 1991, in the movie Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, in which we found that Godzilla is something It would be serious and that it will go to the last instances in order to show who is in charge.

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