Godzilla vs. Kong: Funko Pop leaks the movie’s villain

We know that Godizilla vs. Kong will present us with an epic battle between two legendary kaijus, and although many of us bet that the obvious winner will be Godzilla, the truth is that we are not sure what will happen in this film.

Although recently it seems that the collectible figure brand, Funko Pop, announced the appearance of another kaiju through one of his figures.

Obviously there are possible spoilers for the film, so if you are thinking of watching the film without having ruined any of the plot, we advise you to stop reading, otherwise, you are already warned.

When we were thinking about a possible winner of the movie, we were left thinking about how some of the kaiju could win, but only a few of us saw the possibility of seeing them face a common enemy.

While the ending of the previous film showed us that Mecha-King Ghidorah could come soon from the human experimentation with the corpse of King Ghidorah.

Although we are not sure how he will make it into the story and his role as such, being that he is kaiju he has always been an enemy of Godzilla, it could well be that humans created him to defeat Godzilla once and for all. Although we can only wait to see his participation in the film before continuing to speculate.

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