Godzilla vs. Kong has a clear winner

The latest installment in the MonsterVerse saga faces two box office giants, in a simple, entertaining story that delivers just what you are looking for when buying a ticket: An hour and 53 minutes of epic fights, destroyed cities and effects. amazing visuals.

Godzilla vs. Kong has a very simple premise: after the events of Kong: Skull Island (2017), the King of the Monkeys finds himself in a sanctuary where he is studied by Monarch scientists, who protect him by hiding him from the other titan. As was clear in Godzilla vs. Kong full movie of the Monsters (2019), there can’t be more than one of them at the top. In parallel, the giant lizard appears unexpectedly to attack an American coastal city, where the Apex Cybernetics corporation has a headquarters, while the protagonist of a podcast of crazy conspiracy theories is infiltrating its facilities.

The rupture of the “peace” after the 2019 film by Godzilla leads two scientists to team up to reach the cradle of the Monsters, in the underground Hollow Earth. where Apex Cybernetics assures that there is a weapon that can stop the King of the Monsters.

The film promises a fight, and delivers on its promise three times, leaving a clear winner. At the level of characters and performances, Kaylee Hottle surprises by embodying Jia, a girl who establishes a powerful bond with Kong, becoming the emotional center of the film with an impeccable performance highlighted by the other characters, of an irrelevance and superficiality that seems intentional.

The world public has awarded the feature film, making it the highest grossing film since the pandemic began, exceeding 338 million dollars.