Godzilla vs. Kong is the highest grossing film of the pandemic

Without a doubt, the entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic due to the closure of public spaces and events.

However, at Warner Bros. they can be happy with Godzilla vs. Kong full movie the film officially became the highest grossing movie in the United States since the appearance of the coroanvirus.

Entertainment Weekly reports that a film directed by Adam Wingard surpassed “Tenet” this weekend, with $ 60 million in revenue versus $ 58 million generated by Nolan’s film. It is also expected to become the first film to exceed $ 100 million since the pandemic began.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” already showed signs that it could achieve great things when it debuted with a pandemic record of 27.9 million, easily surpassing the 16.4 million that Wonder Woman generated in December 2020.

Globally, the monster movie already reaches 300 million, so it is expected to overtake “Tenet” during the week.

The audiovisual piece has achieved encouraging figures for the industry, which can perhaps be explained by the reopening of some cinemas with limited capacity in New York and Los Angeles. Another incident factor is the presence of the film on the HBO Max streaming platform, which will arrive in Chile in June.

Warner will re-release its films first in theaters in 2022

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. reached a multi-year agreement with Cineworld, owners of the Regal Cinema chain of cinemas, to show the studio’s productions starting in 2022.

This means that, in order to comply with the contract, the films will be released in a 45-day window of time between the cinema and the platform to benefit the attendance at theaters.

Currently, what the studio does is release the tapes in theaters and HBO Max at the same time. However, they only remain in the platform’s catalog for 31 days, and then return to theaters and make the releases on Video On Demand (VOD). After all that return, they just returned to HBO Max.

Along with the statement, the Regal Cinema chain of cinemas announced that it will reopen its doors after a 6-month shutdown due to the pandemic.