Godzilla vs. Kong Mechagodzilla appears in new official image of the film

Again we are talking about Mechagodzilla, one of the characters that has been speculated will appear in Godzilla vs. Kong since the premiere of the first trailer, as it contained various clues that indicated his arrival, without leaving aside the leak of a toy that allows you to take a close look at the kaiju. Godzilla vs Kong Well now, a recent clip seems to confirm all of the above, since for a brief moment the mechanical monster can be seen arriving in front of the giant lizard, so the expectation returns to the fight that would take place between these creatures.

This time Godzilla was fighting Kong, but there is a peculiar ingredient, since just when one of his eyes is made a close up you can clearly see in his pupil the reflection of Mechagodzilla, with his two red eyes and even see part of one of its claws, so there is practically no doubt that the monster will make its debut in the film whose cast includes a couple of interpreters of Mexican origin: Eiza González and Demián Bichir, of whom we share several details about their respective characters.

It has been rumored that Mechagodzilla will actually be the main villain in Godzilla vs. Kong, so the two monsters that give the film its name could form a kind of alliance to defeat the mechanical creature, probably in the final stretch of the film, just when the plot takes place in the Hollow Earth, a place where several creatures New ones would be introduced to the Monsterverse, which could decant one or more spin-offs to expand it not only to other films, but also to some titles in series format that would reach HBO Max, although for now nothing has been confirmed in this regard.

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