Godzilla vs Kong One will fall

After such a complex and difficult year for the film industry that has caused multimillion-dollar losses in the world, one of the films hits theaters

most anticipated by fans of Godzilla vs Kong, who promises to push a millennial battle to the limit in which only one of them can emerge victorious.

Adam Wingard, director of the film, seeks to confront these two great legends to clear the doubts about who is the true king, recreating the final versions of each one to give a result of authenticity.

“I just wanted this to feel like a real showdown, I wanted there to be no more arguing on the playground. And I felt like I would have walked away from the movie at any moment if they had pulled me into a corner where there was not going to be a definitive winner (…) that’s Godzilla, that’s King Kong, they’re hitting each other, one win and that’s it, “he explains.

Although Wingard does not intend to throw the spoilers of the film before its premiere, he does throw clues about what could be the secrets of the confrontation that has its mystery in the core of the earth, by revealing who the villain is in this plot.

Godzilla is the villain in this movie. He is causing a lot of trouble and the funny thing is that he is blowing up a lot of shit and causing a lot of destruction and mayhem. For me it is the best part of making this movie .

It is important to note that for the director it is not only a war of the titans in which one wins and the other loses, but goes further by creating an emotional bond with the human characters.

“It’s being able to empathize with these monsters and make the characters do the same, because a lot of what we’re going to feel about the monsters has to be related to how the characters feel, and that’s why we try to mix it up as much as possible. “.

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