Godzilla vs Kong What will the future of the MonsterVerse be?

Godzilla vs. Kong became the highest grossing movie since the start of the pandemic; So far it has earned $ 300 million worldwide, not counting the collection on the HBO Max platform. After this enormous success, many wonder what we will see in the future of the franchise, since there are no more films scheduled about these titans and it was even rumored about the end of this universe with only four films. But a new rumor ensures that the MonsterVerse would continue with Ghidorah.

The kaiju King Ghidorah had his participation within the MonsterVerse in 2019’s Godzilla vs Kong of the Monsters, but he eventually died at the end of the film. Even in Godzilla vs Kong we discover that one of his heads is used to connect with Mechagodzilla, so bringing him back could be a bit tricky.

The future of the MonsterVerse

According to information from sources close to Warner Bros, a Ghidorah film is being considered to continue with the MonsterVerse. Considering that this monster is an alien, it could be some kind of spin-off of the character and know his past and how he came to earth, which could mean continuing with the franchise after the great reception that Godzilla had. vs Kong.

It was also revealed that actress Millie Bobby Brown wants a MosnterVerse crossover with the Pacific Rim films, and it has even been stated that she would like to now drive a Jeager and face these titans. However, we will have to wait until we know what Warner and Legendary’s plan will be for the franchise or if they will let it finish with this movie that is currently in theaters.