In progress “Son of Kong”, the sequel to “Godzilla vs. Kong “

In talks there is a possible sequel to the film that would focus on the story of Kong’s son. Adam Wingard would be the potential director and if so, he will become the first filmmaker to make two installments of the franchise.

The sequel to “Godzilla vs Kong” would be centered on Kong’s son.
A sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong full movie could be on the way, as many of the movie’s fans have started with the prayer under the hashtag #ContinueTheMonsterVerse and have apparently been heard. The titanic confrontation between the two most colossal monsters in cinema has been popular, and if the rumors are true, the provisional title would be “Son of Kong”.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, director Adam Wingard, responsible for “Godzilla vs. Kong ”is already in talks with the studio to direct the potential sequel to the film, which will somehow have King Kong’s son as the potential lead.

The media notes that Legendary is “taking silent steps to stretch” the MonsterVerse with “one or more installments”, and the title of Kong’s son rings out strongly among the possible ideas. Wingard is the favorite to direct the sequel, which would make him the first filmmaker to film two installments in the franchise.

At the moment there is no scriptwriter associated with the project, which would be in a very early stage of pre-production, but it is expected that Max Bornenstein, who has written the script for the four MonsterVerse films so far, will do the same with Son of Kong.

Lastly, THR notes that Wingard was “heavily involved” in the entire Hollow Earth plot of “Godzilla vs. Kong ”, which could give an important clue to the plot of the sequel. With the gigantic primate making the interior of the planet his new home, the possibilities are almost endless, and judging by the working title what is certain is that more giant gorillas will appear.