Neither Tenet nor Wonder Woman 1984, this is the film with the highest box office in its premiere since the pandemic began

$ 121.8 million crowns this film as the highest grossing in the first weekend since the pandemic began.

If we had to make a prediction about which movies will get the highest grossing worldwide, we may be failing more than we expect. There are titles that are given for sure successes, such as those of superheroes or those of great directors such as Christopher Nolan, but you can also find a cinema that is seen in a massive way although apparently it does not have the same promotion.

Just last Friday Godzilla vs. Kong, a blockbuster that critics have enjoyed and that has managed to Godzilla vs Kong full movie online give viewers the dose of entertainment they were missing. So much so that it has managed to be the film with the highest box office in its first weekend since the pandemic began.

So far, $ 121.8 million has been raised in the 38 markets where the film has been released, according to Mashable, and it has not yet reached the United States, but we are already facing a great success at all levels.

These giant monsters are known all over the planet and a significant budget investment has been made that has reached 200 million dollars, but we can speak of a profitable operation seen the next premiere in the US and the entire journey that remains.

According to the data available, during the first weekend it has been screened in 56,777 theaters around the planet. As for the countries where it has achieved greater success, China stands out, with 70.3 million collected, a country in which the triumph of the IMAX projection is also emphasized. But wherever it has been released, the best figure has been achieved for almost a year.

Much data can be extracted from this success, such as thinking that the pandemic has been overcome in some countries, or at least there are more lax restrictions, that the public missed a blockbuster where entertainment prevails or how simultaneous premieres marry in cinemas and platforms like HBO Max. In any case, it is always good for the film industry for a movie to get a big box office.

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