Pacific Rim 3 would have connected with the universe of Godzilla and Kong

The Pacific Rim universe, after two movies, will continue as an anime series on Netflix, but a third live action film would have seen the Jaegers fight monsters from the Godzilla vs. Kong universe, but this is something we will never see done. reality.

The director of Pacific Rim: Uprising has confirmed on Twitter that his plans included a crossing of universes for the third film in the series, when we would see the universes of the Jaegers collide with none other than the greatest Kaiju in history, Godzilla, and the other monsters that belong to that other cinematic universe.

And the idea makes sense. After all, not only are the themes similar, but Legendary Pictures studios are responsible for both franchises. The crossing of universes would be more than possible.

But it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. For now, and after the box office results of Uprising (290 million dollars, compared to a production budget of about 170 million dollars), it seems unlikely that they will make that third film. Unless, of course, Godzilla vs Kong is a resounding success and sparks interest in that idea in Legendary studies, but that doesn’t seem likely either.

Guillermo del Toro, director and creator of the first Pacific Rim, also mentioned that he would like to see both universes intersect. “But I say it as a fan, I have no plans to go back [to make these movies],” he said on Twitter, breaking our hearts.

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