They confirm a spectacular cast for the next The Addams Family 2

Here we go !, It’s me, The Addams Family 2 How not to identify those phrases, right? Yes, it is 100% real, not fake, Mario Bros., the most popular video game in history, will again have a film. This, as expected, will have a luxury cast and a high budget. Nintendo is playing it all and this time he hopes not to lose … Will they make it? Well, this is what is known about the project in question.

This afternoon at the Nintendo Direct, The Addams Family 2 fans of the company were waiting for announcements related to Bayonetta 3 and other great productions for the consoles. However, they were in for a big surprise. The company decided to show not only the material in question, but its advances in the film industry. With this, obviously the big announcement was the Mario Bros. film, its great franchise.

In turn, they took the opportunity to reveal the great cast that is involved in the work. Chris Pratt, widely known as Guardians of the Galaxy, will play the most famous and beloved plumber of all. In turn, Anya Taylor-Joy will be the co-star, giving life to Princess Peach, the damsel in distress.

On the other hand, the villain of the story will be Jack Black, personifying nothing more and nothing less than Bowser. Other high-level artists will also be present. They obtained their official publicity cards to share such news with the public. These images are below.