Venom suffers from Carnage’s madness in trailer for his new movie

It’s been three years since we saw Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock being “eaten” by the alien symbiote that turns him into Venom. However, this morning it was possible to know what happens after the battle with Riot as the trailer for “Venom: Let the be Carnage” (“Venom. Carnage released”, in Spanish) was released.

“I’ve been thinking of you, Eddie, Mortal Kombat movie online because you and I are the same”, is one of the phrases with which this video of more than two and a half minutes begins, which shows the way in which a new symbiote will be played by Woody Harrelson, known for films like “The Illusionists” and “Natural Killers”.
The actor will play Kletus Kasady, who is in a madhouse and feels identified in certain characteristics with Eddie Brock, the antihero who is known in the Marvel world for the complicated relationship he has with Spider-Man.

“Welcome back, Eddie Brock. We have missed you so much”, is another of the phrases that Kasady says in the clip distributed by Sony Pictures.

“Venom: Carnage Freed” will be directed by Andy Serkis and will also feature performances by Michelle Williams and Reid Scott.

“Don’t say we never gave you anything,” is one of the messages that the Venom movie Instagram account wrote, where the official poster of the film was shared, in which Eddie Brock is being detained and apparently eaten by Carnage , known for his deranged character hungry for blood and death.

While Sony Pictures Entertainment maintains that it will be released on September 24, Sony pictures Mexico indicates that it will hit theaters on September 16.